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Monday, April 30, 2012

Cumberland Trail Maintenance Event

Hello,The Cumberland Trail Conference will be hosting a volunteer backcountry trail maintenance event May 3-7 in the New River segment. It is located in the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area in Scott County, TN. There will be a static base camp with meals being offered for volunteers that stay overnight. Volunteers will need to bring their own camping gear and their own water. Volunteers will be able to drive to the campsite. CTC will have tools volunteers to bring their own work gloves and have proper clothing for trail work. Directions have been attached.

The goal for this event is to repair areas of trail tread and reroute about 250ft of trail away from an area where a land slide has occurred. All work is within a mile of base camp. If you have the time, please come out and gives us a hand. If you know of others that might be interested in helping, please let them know about the event.

Tony Hook


The directions below are in two parts. This first part is how to arrive at Norma Road and Highway 63 in Scott County, TN. The second part is direction from this intersection to the campsite. These two parts highlight the most direct route on major roadways. Drivers familiar with the area may be able to find a shorter route by studying a map/GPS unit.

PART 1: Arriving at Norma Road, Scott County, TN

1. If traveling from middle and west Tennessee and other points west, take 1-40 east to exit #347, Hwy 27 north. Take Hwy 27 north to Huntsville, TN and Highway 63. At the intersection of highways, 27 and 63 is a traffic light; take a right on to Hwy 63 east. Traveling on Hwy 63 east for 6.5 miles, Fairview Elementary School will be on the right; past the Shell station, the next road to the right is Norma Road. At this intersection, there is the Victory Lane Market (closed) and a tire store, take the right on to Norma Road. While on Hwy 63, it is a good idea to fill up with gas.

2. If traveling from east Tennessee and other points east, take I-75 to exit 141, Highway 63 west. Traveling on Highway 63 west towards Huntsville TN, you cross into Scott County at 12.2 miles and start looking for the sign on Hwy 63 that states Norma, pointing to the left. This is the Fairview Community. At this intersection, there is the Victory Lane Market (closed) and a tire store, take this left on to Norma Road. While on Hwy 63, it is a good idea to fill up with gas.

Please be mindful of your fuel situation, no gas stations past this point.

PART 2: On Norma Road (mileages from Hwy 63)

1. Norma Road is a long, curvy road to the middle of nowhere. The first 5 miles are paved, at 5.2 miles it turns to a gravel/paved road. At 7.7 miles, there is a parking lot on the right and the Cumberland Trail crosses Norma Road, keep going.

2. At 10.1 miles from Hwy 63 you come to a Y intersection and Hembree’s Grocery Store, take a right on Smoky Creek Road (paved), cross the RR tracks and the New River. This road is a gravel/paved mixed surface with many potholes. At 12.3 miles, Bowling Town Road will be on the right. The next left (12.4 miles) will be a gravel road with a sign stating Lowe Cemetery. I will have a white CTC banner at this location, take the left and cross the concrete, low water bridge.

3. From the bridge, drive about 2.5 miles to a Y intersection at the bottom of a hill, a right takes you to the Lowe Cemetery, but stay to the left. From this intersection, the road crosses a small stream that has a gravel bottom, but a low clearance vehicle might have trouble. I believe most vehicles can drive across it. If you do not want to drive further, park to the side of the road and walk about 1 mile on the road to the camp, it will be next to the road, and we will shuttle your gear.

NOTE: Logging is taking place in the area and log trucks will be on the road; do not block the road with vehicles.

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