Meeting times

MONTHLY MEETINGS: (Except January) Meet 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 pm CT. Barfield Crescent Park's Wilderness Station, 401 Volunteer Road, Murfreesboro

Friday, November 24, 2023

Old Stone Fort State Park - Sara

We had perfect weather for the annual After Thanksgiving Day hike at Old Stone Fort State Park in Manchester. This joint hike with the Highland Rim chapter is an annual event led by Joan Hartvigsen of the Highland Rim chapter. Our hike was along the Duck River and the Little Duck River. We hiked the Forks of the River Trail, Backbone Ridge Loop Trail and the Moat Trail. We also passed Blue Hole Falls, Big Falls, and Step Falls. 

We had 18 hikers:  Jim Barritt, Jay Brain, Anna Lina Buckley, Jeanne Conatser, Michael Glennon, Dave Graham, Peggy Harris, Joan Hartvigsen, Shannon Jacquez-Jaramillo, Andrew Jaramillo, Ryan Jaramillo, Lacee Lanier, Scott Pittman, Sara Pollard, Georgeanne Ross, Margie Schumacher, Ray Schumacher, and Nabil Wakid.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Edgar Evins State Park - Sara

We had five hikers on the Merritt Ridge Trail at Edgar Evins State Park. We started the hike at 9:30 am CT but by the time we got to the split, it was decided we were going to run out of daylight to finish the loop and get back to the trailhead. We had a few trees to crawl over that slowed down our hike. So, we turned around and finished our hike on the Millenium Trail. We ran into Nora Henn (who hiked the entire trail)  on our way back and she told us there were a lot of trees down on the loop section. So that would have really slowed down our hike to get back before dark. Evidently the Merritt Ridge is not being maintained, which is a shame because it's a beautiful trail. We had views of the lake almost the entire time and nice rock formations. It was perfect weather for a hike. 

Hikers were Jay Brain, Amanda Carkhuff, Joan Hartvigsen, Sara Pollard and J. C. Saunders. 


Monday, November 13, 2023

Hobb's Cabin Savage Gulf Backpack


We had 8 campers for the backpacking trip to the Hobbs Cabin campsites. Campsites #6 and #7 were reserved. We started out at 9:00 am CT on a chilly Saturday morning from the Savage Gulf Ranger Station. It warmed up pretty quickly though for the 5.9-mile hike on the North Rim Trail starting from the Savage Gulf Day Loop. We set up camp and filtered water from the spring behind the cabin. Unfortunately, there was a campsite fire ban due to the drought. We ate an early dinner and sat around Bryan's camping candle. It was a clear night though and the stars were beautiful. 

The next morning, we were up at daylight and left camp around 7:30 am CT for the longer hike back on the North Plateau Trail. Backpackers were Jean Breuer, Craig McBride, Lora McBride, Andy Meeks, Sara Pollard, Bryan Tauchen, and Carl Westman. 


Tuesday, October 24, 2023

2023 TTA Annual Meeting - Sara

The TTA annual meeting was held at Natchez Trace State Park in Wildersville this year. There were 110 participants from all 12 chapters across the state. We had 6 participants from our chapter and during the general meeting on Saturday,  Joe Campbell gave the chapter report.

Friday evening's dinner buffet was followed by Bingo and prizes were given out to the winners. Also, participants were given the opportunity to bid on silent auction items. 

Saturday's hikes started at 8:00 am and hikes were planned for trails in the park, and neighboring parks:  Mousetail Landing, Nathan Bedford Forest, Chickasaw, Pinson Mounds and Montgomery Bell (on Sunday). Natchez Trace hikes went along the beautiful lakes of Cub Lake, Pin Oak and Brown's Creek. The fall colors were spectacular, and the weather was perfect. Participants from our chapter: Anna Lina Buckley, Joe Campbell, Craig McBride, Lora McBride, Sara Pollard and Lynn Rosser.


Sunday, October 15, 2023

Gilbert Gaul Loop -Sara

We had 11 hikers to hike the Gilbret Gaul Lake Trail at Fall Creek Falls State Park. The fall leaves were beautiful around the lake, and it was a cool morning to start our hike. We hiked the loop trail counterclockwise, so we had views of the lake almost the entire time. 

After the hike we met in the new lodge restaurant for a planning meeting and tour of the facility. The Highland Rim and Murfreesboro chapters are hosting the 2024 Annual Meeting there October 25-27. 

The hikers were Jay Brain, Jean Breuer, Anna Lina Buckley, Joe Campbell, Joan Hartvigsen, Craig McBride, Lora McBride, Sara Pollard, Georganne Ross, J. C. Saunders, and Cindy Watson. Meeting us in the restaurant for lunch and attending the meeting coordinated by Patty Deen were Eleanor Gilchrist, Susan Gonzalez, and Clare Zisk.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Sewanee Perimeter Trail Memorial Cross to Bridal Veil Falls - Sara

We had 12 hikers on the Sewanee Perimeter Trail hike from the Memorial Cross to Bridal Veil Falls. The weather was nice with a cool breeze starting out. There was just a trickle of water at the falls, but we expected it since it hasn't rained a lot lately. Just before we got back to the trailhead, there was a large timber rattler snake right on the trail. Needless to say, we took a short detour off the trail to avoid upsetting the snake. 

We had a hiker from as far away as Memphis and some new folks who have never hiked with TTA. Hikers were Jim Barritt, Jay Brain, Charlotte Cain, Tom Davis, Joe Gonzalez, Susan Gonzalez, Gregg Hargett, Joan Hartvigsen, Judy Heim, Sara Pollard, Marietta Poteet, and Linda Red from the Memphis chapter. 

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Tims Ford Lake Kayaking and Island Camping - Sara

There were six of us who kayaked and camped on Little Island in the lake at Tims Ford State Park. We got there Friday evening, set up camp and then paddled around Big Island as the sun was setting. On the way back we kayaked into a swarm of gnats and our kayaks were covered in gnats. It looked like there was snow on the boats. Saturday morning when Cathy Conley was packing to leave, she found a snakeskin near where she slept. Cathy and Lynn Rosser were only able to spend one night with us. After they left,  we kayaked to the Ray Branch peninsula and hiked the Evans Loop trail in the rain. It rained on and off all day, but we pretty much had the lake to ourselves. It stayed cloudy all day. We went to dinner at the Twin Creeks Marina and were still able to get a fire going at the campsite when we returned.

Sunday morning Jim and Joan explored the Cline Ridge area and Wiseman Branch area of Tims Ford Lake.  We visited Leatherwood Island then had lunch at Scenic View Marina in Tims Ford State Park.  We then paddled back to Little Island, packed up our camping gear, then paddled back to the boat ramp and our vehicles.

The campers were Jim Barritt, Cathy Conley,  Cyn Hartlieb, Joan Hartvigsen, Sara Pollard and Lynn Rosser.