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Monthly Meetings : 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 pm CT, Barfield-Crescent Park's Wilderness Station, 697 Veterans Parkway, Murfreesboro

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Taylor Hollow - Jan

We had a small group of hikers enjoy the spring wildflower show at Taylor Hollow today.  This is a unique area in Sumner County owned by the Nature Conservancy.  You need permission to enter the site, but the extra effort is well worth it. 

April is a stunning succession of bloom in this area.  Last weekend the Blue Eyed Marys were at their peak-just waves of them along the banks of the creek.  This weekend the "Marys" were a bit past their prime, but still showy along with larkspur, Jack in the Pulpit, Wild Hyacinths, Dwarf Crested Iris, Celandine Poppies and a new one for me-what I think is Guyandotte Beauty.  A large fine group of Shooting Stars was still hanging on in the warmth and of course the ferns and trilliums are always stealing the show.  

We took our time and enjoyed the warm sunshine and slight breeze.  Along were: Patty and Geoff Hull, Bruce Harvey, Jennifer Zahn, Doug Burroughs, Dianna Richler and myself, Jan Safavi.  This area is one of the best in terms of variety and rare types of spring wildflowers.  Hopefully we'll be back next year to enjoy it all over again.


Friday, April 14, 2017

Black Mountain - Sara

We had 6 hikers on the Good Friday hike at Black Mountain in Crossville. We started our hike at the southern terminus trailhead on Highway 68 and hiked to the top. At the top we hiked the loop trail with views of Grassy Cove and Crab Orchard. We saw lots of climbers at the top and a few wildflowers along the trail.  The trail is well marked but it was a hot day for hiking. We were able to get some cool water from the stone springhouse near the trailhead kiosk. This springhouse was used by the people living in the area years ago as a source of water and to keep food from spoiling. 

Hikers were Jean Breuer, Ann Jacobs, Doug King, Sara Pollard, Jan Safavi and Jennifer Zahn.


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Shakerag Hollow Hike - Jan

Sewanee Tennessee.

We had 4 hikers: Jan, Joni, Gary and Silvia.  The day was absolutely stellar for a wildflower hike and the hollow did not disappoint.  We hiked and flower gazed from the University gates to Green’s View through Shakerag and back by Beckwith’s point and the golf course.  After that, a couple of us went out to enjoy the view at Piney Point.  The flowers were spectacular and we saw Dutchman’s Britches, Phacelia, Larkspur, Poppies and lots of white trilliums.  Every rock seemed to be covered in purple blooms!  We spied one early Jack in the Pulpit just emerging from the leaves.  We were thankful to several knowledgeable folks along the way-who helped us identify the flowers and please forgive me if I’ve taken liberty with the exact names.  This is truly a magical place in spring time.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Daddy's Creek - Jan

Daddy’s Creek Hike March 18th-new section of the Cumberland Trail near Crab Orchard, TN.  

We had a beautiful day to hike and this new trail was really a perfect pick for a day in woods.  Lots of water in the feeder streams made a lovely sound as we walked from the southern access point off of Hebbertsburg Road through to the East Keyes Road access.  This was 7.5 miles and a perfect way to spend a spring day.  The overlook at Daddy’s Creek provided a nice view since the foliage is yet to emerge, but spring wildflowers were starting to sneak up through the leaf cover.  We lunched at the overlook and also took a well deserved rest at the back woods campsite right on the creek.  We saw one sleepy black snake crossing the trail-no doubt as happy as we were for the warmer weather.  

Six hikers were along for the day-Jan Safavi, Doug King, Jennifer Zahn, Lillian Ey, Carolyn Reeves and Marnell C.  Hope to do this trail again soon.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Frozen Head State Park - Wayne

Overnight backpack to Frozen Head State park with Pete, Margaret, Jean and Sara. The weather was great on Friday, but turned cold by Saturday morning, so we hiked almost all of the distance planned including lunch at Bird Mtn campsite. I really like this park, but a ways from home.


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Edgar Evins State Park

Ten hikers hiked the 8.0 mile Millennium and Merritt Trails at Edgar Evins State Park. It was a sunny day for a hike in this beautiful park.  We had hikers from the Plateau, East Tennessee and Upper Cumberland chapters to join us. We saw lots of early spring wildflowers along the way – cutleaf toothwort, anemone, spring beauties, bloodroot and trillium. We were pleasantly surprised at the abundance of wildflowers. The trail can be challenging, but has awesome views of the lake and Center Hill Dam. We enjoyed lunch on the shoreline rocks. Hikers were Pete Broehl, Roy Duncan, Cheryl Heckler, Craig McBride, Lora McBride, Sara Pollard, Jan Safavi, Pat Serio, Marcy Tucker and Wayne Yancey.


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Laurel Falls - Sara

We had twelve hikers on the hike. We first went to Laurel Falls, just a short distance from the Stone Door ranger station. After seeing the falls we started on the Stone Door trail and spent a few minutes at the overlook before descending through the Stone Door. We hiked the Big Creek Gulf trail to Ranger Falls where we had our lunch.  The falls were absolutely stunning and it’s amazing how the water drops 30 ft. and disappears into a wide sink. Crossing Ranger Creek to get the falls was a challenge on the slippery rocks, but everyone made it across fine. It was a beautiful hike along Ranger Creek and we passed a smaller (unnamed) waterfall after leaving Ranger Falls. After discussion about the boulder hopping during the descent getting to the falls, we decided to continue on the gulf trail and take the easier Laurel Trail back to the ranger station. The ascent out of the gorge was challenging and we had a half mile straight up to get to the junction at the Alum Gap campsite. What was supposed to a 7 mile hike turned out to be 9.3 miles. The weather was perfect so I think the hikers were okay with the extra mileage.

Hikers were: Cindy Cliché, Roy Duncan, Ann Ford, Michael Glennon (Highland Rim), Carolyn Johnston, Marrie Lasater,  Sara Pollard, Marietta Poteet (Highland Rim), Janet Przireubel (Chattanooga),  Jan Safavi, Pat Thomas, and Wayne Yancey.