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Monthly Meetings : 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 pm CT, Barfield-Crescent Park's Wilderness Station, 697 Veterans Parkway, Murfreesboro

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Duck River Float - Tony

The Tennessee Trails Association Murfreesboro and Highland Rim Chapters has their first float of the season at Duck River. We put in at Normandy Dam and floated about 8 miles to Three Forks Bridge.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Smokies Camping trip - Sara

We had 13 campers/hikers in all to attend the Smokies Camping trip May 11-13. We camped at the Cataloochee group campsite. 

Friday afternoon we hiked about 4 miles on the Boogerman Trail and then enjoyed a chili dinner with delicious sides and desserts. 

Saturday we hiked the Rough Fork and Caldwell Forks trails which was a 9 mile loop trail. 

Sunday we hiked the Cataloochee Divide Trail and had lunch on the porch of the Appalachian Highlands Science Learning Center. 

We had hikers from all areas: Murfreesboro: Sara Pollard, Jennifer Zahn; Nashville: Paolo Smith, Nancy Juodenas, Joni Perrine; Highland Rim: Joan Hartvigsen, Marietta Poteet, Marsha Medford, Jean Goldman, Dick McClure; Soddy Daisy: Jane Ellett and Debbie Kimberlin; and Sherlene Spicer. 


Saturday, April 28, 2018

Stones River Battlefield Boundary Trail - Jennifer

Larry and Jeanne from our chapter and two ladies from Franklin/Columbia chapter hiked the Boundary Trail. The day was so nice we decided to hike over to the cemetery, for a total of four and a half miles. 

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Possum / Rock Creek Backpack

Cumberland Trail Backpack. Possum Creek and Rock Creek Gorge sections. 14.9 miles total and rated strenuous for this 2 day, 1 night backpacking trip. Saturday we will start at the Heiss Mountain Road trailhead off Highway 111 near Soddy Daisy and hike 7.1 miles to the Little Possum North campsite. On the way to our campsite we’ll pass a beautiful view from Perkins Point, Imodium Falls over Little Possum Creek, and cross the stunning Big Possum Creek and Little Possum Creek bridges. The campsite has water available from the Little Possum Creek. The next day from our campsite, we’ll hike out 2.4 miles to the Retro Hughes trailhead and continue on the Rock Creek Gorge section for 5.4 miles to the Upper Leggett Road trailhead in Sale Creek. Elevation gain and loss on the Possum Creek Gorge section is 1,000 feet and the elevation change on the Rock Creek Gorge section is 300 feet. We’ll also see lots of wildflowers, overlooks that offer spectacular views of the gorge into the Tennessee River valley, and opportunities to see hawks and eagles.

10 hikers showed up for Sara's TTA backpack. Margaret, Pete, Amy, Paolo, Wayne, Jean, Michael, Sara, and us.
We left cars at the Upper Leggett Trailhead and drove to Heiss Mt. Road to start. Blanchard Falls was really pretty. Lots of wild flowers everywhere on this hike. Possum Creek Trail is a fine example of trail building and the decent into Big Possum Creek Gorge and out to Hughes Ridge is some of the prettiest areas of the CT. Lunch was supposed to be at Perkins Point which we blew right by, and didn't want to climb back up to, so we sat at an overlook of the creek gorge and cooled off for a little while. Another workout of into and out of Little Possum Creek Gorge.

When we got to our campsite, we found a church group had reserved the spot as well. The Cumberland trail does not limit the amount of people at each campsite so it was a scramble to find places to camp. We had tents spread out for a quarter of a mile. We found a good spot to make our campfire spot and went to work collecting wood. We had another backpacker join us for a bit as well. Our group joined around the campfire for dinner and lots of entertainment. We got to listen to owls and coyotes.

The next morning we got up early, ate around the campfire and hit the trail by 8 to avoid the morning showers. Our first challenge was the creek crossing. We did some rock hopping and there was some wet feet as well. We made it to the Rock creek trailhead before the rain set in for the day. It was warm out and it was a light rain. We found shelter along a rock bluff for our lunch break.

It was a great hike with some great people. Thanks Sara.

Flowers seen: Dwarf crested Iris, Purple Phacelia, Fire Pinks, Wild Oats, Shooting Stars, Foam Flower, Anemone, Star Chickweed, Leaves of the Speckled Wood Lily with no blooms yet, Golden Alexander, Yellow Star Grass, lots of Southern Red Trillium, Little Brown Jug, Wild Geranium, Phlox, Jack in the Pulpits.


Michael's Pics:

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Long Hunter Day Loop - Patty

Three of us hiked the Long Hunter Day Loop on March 10 - Hilda Vaughn and Geoff and Patty Hull.  If you were scared off by the weather forecast, you missed a good hike.  The lake was lovely and the wildflowers were just beginning.  Temperature was perfect and we even had a bit of sunshine.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Brady Mountain - Sara

We had 6 ladies to take the option of staying in the cabin at Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville for the weekend. We met 3 day hikers at the Highway 68 trail head Saturday and started our hike at the Jewett Road trail head. Don Deakins, one of our day hikers helped us find the trail head since the Cumberland Trail sign is no longer there. It was cloudy and windy along the ridge line but a beautiful hike. We had views on both sides and lunch was at Lost Overlook.

There were 9 hikers: Jean Breuer, Don Deakins, Joan Hartvigsen, Susan Jones, Holly Lee, Marsha Medford, Sara Pollard, Marietta Poteet, Mary Etta Ward.

We decided to hike Ozone Falls Saturday after the Brady Mountain hike because of rain in the forecast for Sunday morning. Mary Etta Ward posted pictures on Facebook.

We stayed in the cabin this morning and drank coffee until the 10:00 am check out time.

Life is good.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Sixteenth Annual Chilly Chili Hike

Sixteenth Annual Chilly Chili Hike was hosted by Jim and Marietta Poteet with 32 hikers and more attending the lunch. We hiked a 3+ mile trail section (rated moderate due to the trail being partially complete)of the new acquisition of the South Cumberland State Park in Sherwood Forest. We hiked to a beautiful overlook of Lost Cove and to a natural bridge. Then we hiked the partially complete trail around the ridge where we saw more spectacular views. 

We went to the Poteet’s Monteagle home for chili, cornbread, brownies and fixin’s. Afterwards we went to the Sewanee Natural Bridge, Templeton Library and St Mary’s Convent. Beautiful day to be outside with dear friends from Nashville, Murfreesboro and Highland Rim Chapters of Tennessee Trails Association. Life is good. Keep on hiking.