Meeting times

MONTHLY MEETINGS: Except January, February, July and August. Meet 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 pm CT. Barfield Crescent Park's Wilderness Station, 697 Veterans Parkway, Murfreesboro

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Tennessee River Float - Joan

On Sunday June 7 ten kayakers from the Murfreesboro, Highland Rim, Nashville and Soddy-Daisy Chapters paddled about twelve miles up and down the Tennessee River Gorge.  The kayakers were Sara Pollard, Joan Hartvigsen, Lora and Craig McBride, Chuck and Patty Deen, Paulo Smith, Cathy Conley, Kim Meeks, and Joni Perrine.  We put in at TVA Raccoon Mountain Ramp and paddled upstream about four miles to Pot Point.  We enjoyed our lunch on a shady gravel bar on river left and went for a swim.  We then headed back down river, stopping a long the way to swim at several points. We took out at Sullivans Boat Ramp.  Our journey took us through Prentice Cooper State Forest, where we paddled under four occupied Osprey nests.  We also saw Great Blue Herons, King Fishers, turtles  and Loons.  Craig saw a couple of snakes swimming along the shoreline.  Through out our river journey we were surrounded by cliffs and beautiful Tennessee mountains.


Saturday, June 6, 2020

Barfield Park Trail Maintenance - Sara

We volunteered at Barfield Park for National Trails Day doing trail maintenance. We removed invasive privet out of a section of woods in front of a bird blind. Daniel Lees of the Parks and Rec Department met us at the Wilderness Station and was our "trail boss" . Thanks to all who came out Joe Campbell, Jeanne Conatser, Bill Lamb, Sara Pollard and Jan Safavi. 

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sawmill Trail Backpack - Sara

We had perfect weather for our 2 day, 1 night backpacking trip to the 
Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area near Jamestown. 
We started early Saturday morning  from the Sawmill trailhead for 
an 8  mile hike down Salt Pine Ridge Trail, Laurel Fork Creek Trail, 
Black House Branch to Charit Creek Lodge and set up camp next 
to the island.  Sunday we hiked  7 miles hike to Twin Arches, Jakes 
Place, Slave Falls and back to our cars at Sawmill trail head.  We 
had several Laurel Fork Creek crossings but the water was cool and 
felt great. Backpackers were Michael Glennon, Lora McBride, 
Wayne Yancey, Jean Breuer, Sara Pollard, Joe Campbell and Carson 
Brown from Jackson.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Soddy Daisy Cumberland trail - Sara

We had 8 hikers on our joint hike with the Plateau chapter Saturday, May 16 on a section of the Cumberland Trail. Because of TTA asking us not to set up shuttle hikes, our plan to hike the Soddy Gorge section changed. 

We met TTA members in Soddy Daisy's public park on Back Valley Road right off of Highway 111. The hike started out on a 2 mile gravel access trail to meet the Cumberland Trail. We turned left on the Cumberland Trail and went to the Big Soddy Creek bridge and then had lunch at the smaller bridge further down. We turned around and were going to the Board Creek campsite, but it was hot and humid and hikers were ready to get off the trail. The exact mileage is uncertain but it was around 7.5 miles total. We saw lots of wildflowers and beautiful mountain laurel. Hikers from Murfreesboro were Sara Pollard, Jay Brain, Jan Safavi. Deb Westervelt of the Plateau Chapter led the hike and others were Rhonda, George, Norm and a gentleman who's name I don't remember. 

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Big South Fork - Wayne

Twelve hikers from Upper Cumberland, Nashville chapters,as well as Jan Safavi, Jean Breuer and Wayne Yancey from Murfreesboro chapter.  We hiked a section of the John Litton Loop, the Fall Branch Trail, and a portion of the Grand Gap Loop to Angel Falls  We then descended on the Leatherwood Ford via the John Muir Trail to Big South Fork river.  Weather was cool morning with sun and temps to around 50 degrees. Total distance was 9.5 miles.  Afterward we had a meal at a Mexican restaurant in Cookville. 

Radnor Lake - Jeanne

Don't know what y'all did, but Patty and Geoff, Hilda, Sara Kennedy (plus a former student) and I had a great hike around Radnor Lake and up to the highest point in Nashville- IN THE SNOW (see attached evidence!) AND scored perfect parking spots!  Win- Win! 


Saturday, February 15, 2020

Savage Plateau / Rim hike - Wayne

There were twelve hikers from several TTA chapters for the hike.  Five elected to go to Hobbs cabin for a distance of about 17 miles, the remainder took the Plateau trail cutting off onto the Mountain Oak trail then all returning on the North Rim Trail, for approximately 9 miles.  Weather was very nice, cool at the start but near 50° midday.  Trail conditions were very good.

The group picture above at the trailhead is missing a couple of persons.


Chilly Chili Hike 2020- Sara

There were 26 hikers on the Chilly Chili hike Saturday.  We hiked the Caldwell Rim trail near the Perimeter Trail in Sewanee  and views were beautiful. We had 3 stream crossings that were easy to cross. Lunch was afterwards at the Jim and Marietta Poteet's house in Monteagle.  From our chapter were Jeanne Conatser, Sara Kennedy, and Sara Pollard. 


Saturday, February 1, 2020

Bearwaller Gap

We had 12 hikers on the Bearwaller Gap hike near Carthage. Sara Pollard led the hike that started at the Defeated Creek campground area and we hiked 6 miles to the Tater Knob Overlook.  It was cloudy all day but we still had beautiful views of Cordell Hull Lake and Dam all along the way. We stopped for lunch at the Two Prong backcountry campsite which has a picnic table, fire pit, shelter and outhouse. The trail was muddy and slippery in some spots and everyone managed the shallow creek crossings.  We had hikers from our chapter as well as Highland Rim and Sumner. Hikers were Jay Brain, Jeanne Conaster, Eleanor Gilchrist, Marie Gleeson, Jon Palmer, Joni Perrine, Sara Pollard, Georgeanne Ross, Jan Safavi, Sigren Watson, Ruth Wells and Wayne Yancey.