Meeting times

Monthly Meetings : 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 pm CT, Barfield-Crescent Park's Wilderness Station, 697 Veterans Parkway, Murfreesboro

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rock Island - Jennifer

August 28th the Murfreesboro chapter hiked at Rock Island. Hiking were Sara Pollard, Pu Stanford, and Jennifer Zahn.  We started at Eagle Trail, a .7 mile way in and then back out. Some small beautiful falls.  Then we did the big loop. easy hiking but not very scenic. Ended with the beautiful Twin Falls, a lollypop trail of 1.6 miles.   Best falls ever at the start. Started raining about half mile from the end, but other than that great hiking weather.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Devils Step Island - Sara

Three of us pitched our tents Friday afternoon on Devils Step Island. We paddled around the island and to the inlet at Fairview Campground. There were too many dark clouds so we couldn't see the full moon. 

Saturday morning Dick McClure and Marietta Poteet joined us. We paddled to Maple Bend Island for a break and then on to Owl Hollow Creek. We returned to Maple Bend Island for lunch and finished up at Devils Step Island. We were concerned about the weather report predicting thunderstorms but we didn’t encounter any rain. 

Saturday evening the campers Jean Breuer, Sara Pollard and Joan Hartvigsen had dinner at the Blue Gill Marina. The rain came down hard Saturday evening and we were not able to paddle after dinner. We had a visitor on the island - an armadillo we saw during the day and we think was shuffling around our tents at night. 

This was a joint activity with the Highland Rim chapter and we appreciate Joan Hartvigsen making the campsite reservations and leading the paddle.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Barfield Park Maintenance - Sara

There were four of us who worked up a sweat doing trail maintenance from the river overlook to the gravel road crossing on the red blazed trail. The trail was in pretty good shape except for the tall white flowers along the trail. We had to cut them back from over the trail.  The flowers along the gravel road to the backcountry campsite were beautiful.  Thanks to Rene Barr, Bruce Harvey and Jan Safavi for coming out to help.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Montgomery Bell - Sara

We hiked 6.9 miles on the Montgomery Bell State Park Southwest Loop.  We had the trail to ourselves since it was such a warm day.  We stopped for lunch at the Hall Spring Backcountry shelter and then continued on around Lake Woodhaven and Creech Hollow Lake. Toward the end of our hike we had a slight rain shower that cooled us off. Hikers were Sara Pollard, Joan Hartvigsen and Jan Safavi.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Duck River Float - Sara

There were 30 kayakers on this joint activity with the Highland Rim chapter. We met at 9:00 am below Normandy Dam to start our 5.2 mile paddle to Dement Bridge. We pretty much had the river to ourselves since it was a partly cloudy day and there were a few menacing rain clouds in the sky.

We had lunch at Cortner Mill Dam since we had to portage there anyway. This was a nice shaded area to take a break. Those attending from Murfreesboro were Sara Pollard, Wayne Yancey, Joan Bentley, Joan’s friend Kara, George Thomson, Tim Smith and Gary McClain. Also Jean Breuer of Franklin who’s attended several of our outings.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chapter Picnic 2016

We had 25 to attend our annual chapter picnic at Barfield Park.  Hazel and Lindsey Smith grilled hot dogs and hamburgers for us and we had delicious side dishes and desserts to go with them.  Joan Hartvigsen, the TTA Middle Tennessee At-Large Director came from Winchester as our special guest. 


Friday, June 10, 2016

Smokys Hiking and Camping 2016 - Sara

We had 14 hikers on our annual Smokies hiking and camping trip with the Highland Rim chapter.  Joan Hartvigsen did an excellent job organizing the hikes.  We hiked 3.6 miles Friday to the Sutton Ridge overlook by way of the Lower Mount Cammerer trail and that evening shared a potluck dinner in the group campsite. Saturday we hiked 11.2 to the Mount Cammerer lookout tower where we enjoyed our lunch.Saturday evening we had a delicious meal at the Magnolia Tree Restaurant in Cosby. Sunday we hiked 4.4 miles to Hen Wallow Falls on the Gabes Mountain trail.

Hikers were Sara Pollard, Joan Hartvigsen, Lora McBride, Garnett Rush, Kathy Woods, Gloria Dale Williams, Nancy Juodenas, Jan Safavi, Marsha Medford, Bill Kammerer, Jane Ellett, Marietta Poteet,  Jean Breuer and Betty Magee.