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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Conservation and trail projects update

Jim Schroeder sent me an update of his recent projects to share at the TTA monthly meeting....since we were running short on time I wanted to include his update in the blog this week.

From Jim Schroeder.....
1) Nickajack Wetlands Boy Scout Trail

The trail path was flagged last fall but no physical construction has yet taken place. This will be a 1-1.5 mile day loop hike, partially along Lytle Creek and through the "wet" area of the tract, some on boardwalks. The second phase may include a bridge across Lytle Creek to travel through the lands on the south side of the creek.

2) Barfield Park Emergency Response Project

This is a project to more adequately mark and also widen the trail corridor by removing/cutting trees so as to make transport of a litter a little more feasible.

a)To date some 180 trees ranging from 1/2" diameter saplings up to 4" diameter trees have been cut on the Rocky Path and Valley View trails with 4-5 large trees and a number of deadfall yet to be removed via chain saw.

b) The river section of the main trail still needs to be surveyed and cut as required.

c) An emergency access path has been cleared from US 231 (Shelbyville Highway) through the border hedgerow to the north leg of the Valley View Trail and temporarily flagged with orange tape.

d) The park has purchased metal tree trail markers which will be installed every 0.1 mile and numbered and colored according to the present trail colors. This item is to be accomplished as part of an Eagle Scout project.

e) Once items a) and b) above are completed, my TTA commitment to this project will be completed as far as presently defined

f) There might be something that Parks might want us to complete as part of the upcoming National Trails Day Hike.

3) Cannon County Stones River Project

a) This is a project where we (Murf TTA Chapter) and I personally have been requested to investigate the design of a hiking trail on approximately 265 acres of land near the headwaters of the East Fork of Stones River located in the Southwest quadrant of the interesection of Stone River Road and Short Mountain Road (TN 146). This land is presently under negotiations for TWRA ownership and they have agreed to this becoming a local hiking trail complex.

b) Two preliminary survey treks have been made to the area to ascertain what possibilities exist. A first blush would indicate that a 3 to 3.5 mile loop trail atop a flat hilltop could be built that would require a 300 foot ascent off a proposed parking area along Stones River Road. Part of the trail could potentially parallel a bank of the headwaters stream, but this would still need to be verified. Also because the hill top has been harvested for lumber four to five years ago, it is presently a wide open plain with tall grass that gives some good views of Short Mountain. There is also a possibility for a shortened loop for those who would only be interested in a 1.5 - 2 mile hike.

c) Presently there were evidence of deer and coyote tracks so the area could potential become a game feeding tract, but this would be a TWRA decision.

d) It is anticipated that Cannon County High School students would be the primary labor pool for actual trail construction, working 3-5 as part of a school conservation program. Although there is an appetite to start as soon as possible on construction, no work of any kind can be started until the land has actually been transferred into State hands. Also this is not the best time for trail location/design work as the weather is getting hot, the chiggers are out in force, and the briars are laying in wait.

e) This project is be coordinated through Mr. Neal Applebaum, a Cannon County conservation minded citizen who made the original request to Fount Bertram and who accompanied us on one of the treks. Another trek is planned in the near future.

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