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Monthly Meetings : 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 pm CT, Barfield-Crescent Park's Wilderness Station, 697 Veterans Parkway, Murfreesboro

Thursday, September 2, 2010


We have come to the time of year again where we need to have a fund-raising yard sale to help our chapter with things like Christmas Parties, Picnics, and donations, etc.  

So far, we have had NO VOLUNTEERS to organize this years sale. If you would like to volunteer please contact Tony Jones at or 615-397-4463.

The Volunteer will organize the sale, coordinate with other volunteers for tables, umbrella stands, food/water, chairs, etc and will need to coordinate with the Goodwill to be at the site and pick up any remaining merchandise.

Your donations are greatly appreciated as is your donation of time. If Murfreesboro members could each volunteer for an hour or two we can have a successful sale.

If we do not get a volunteer to organize & coordinate and it prompts the cancellation of the sale--We as a chapter will need to talk over at the meeting and decide what to CHARGE EACH MEMBER for Picnics, and Christmas Parties. 

This is our ONLY FUND RAISING EVENT  and if there is no event there ARE NO FUNDS...



Anna Bertram said...

In the fall of next year the Murfreesboro Chapter will be a host for the state wide Annual Meeting. The reason yard sales were started when I became the Chapter Officer in 2005 was primarily to build a fund to assist us in all the extra expenses that would arise during the planning and execution of the Annual Meeting 2005. We actually held two yard sales a year for a couple of years until we built up our treasury. This has enabled us to also purchase a lap top computer and a digital projector for the use of our officers and our program presentors, along with making contributions to our Cumberland Trail Conference. The funds have also been used to purchase postage stamps, business cards, printed schedules of our hikes, and numerous operational needs. I have been in charge of all the yard sales since the beginning but cannot be present this year due to another obligation. I will be glad to share my expertise with anyone willing to step in to take charge of the important event on September 25th; and I would like to donate items if someone will provide a garage, storage unit or some other drop-off place where I can deposit them in advance.

awj68 said...


Bring what you have to the meeting and I will take it back with me to store until the sale.

I don't mind working there for a few hours, but I cannot commit to putting it all together. Millette will be out of town and it will be just me with the dogs..

awj68 said...

TTA Members.

I will be providing:

One Folding Table
One 14X14 Awning
Some Folding Chairs
A Cashbox

....anyone want to add to this list?