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Monday, November 8, 2010

CT New River Section Work Project Report by Jim Schroeder

CT New River Section November Work Project Trek Report
By Jim Schroeder

I was once again privileged to enjoy the camaraderie of a number of familiar hardcore as well as “newbie” trail builders during three days of work on the Cumberland Trail. This new construction project took place on the New River Section located in the hills and hollers along The Straight Fork of Smoky Creek. This is in an area sandwiched between Frozen Head State Park on the south and the crossroads of Smoky Junction on the north. In spite of a rain and snow shortened day on Friday, my going home day, considerable progress was made over the three days. Camp was at a private camping area along Smoky Creek Road that even had electricity, a refrigerator, microwave and more importantly, a regular country outhouse. Food was prepared my master chef Tony Hook and provided more than adequate fuel for the workers. All in all, the venture provided another link toward completion of the CT as well as a time of fun and story telling.    

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