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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hike Report: Big South Fork NP: Burnt Mill Bridge 12-4-10

Today I went to the Big South Fork National Scenic Park to hike the Burnt Mill Bridge section. It was a great hike. It was COLD,WINDY and RAINY but it was a great hike.

It feels good to get the feel of nature as the winter is brewing. Tonight, it's supposed to snow right where we were. It would be nice to see it then, but we could tell it was coming....we could feel it in the air.

I went with the Upper Cumberland (Cookeville Area) Chapter of the Tennessee Trails. There were three of them, ME from Murfreesboro and Joan Hartvigsen from Highland Rim (Tullahoma).

The river that we walked along side of is the Clear Fork River. I had not heard of this one before, from the looks of the flow and rapids it looks like it might be a Class II or III, but that could just be because of the rains also. Whatever the Class, it was SWIFT...and I bet ICE COLD!

I was appalled at the amount of graffiti that was here at this National Park. I captured some of it just to show that graffiti is EVERYWHERE not just in inner city areas. This much graffiti at a park like this was really sad!

To view my full gallery of Burnt Mill Bridge Pictures Click  HERE!

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