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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hike Report: Pickett State Park 1-15-11

The Natural Bridge

I went with eleven other Tennessee Trails friends to Pickett State Park yesterday for a beautiful hike in some of the deepest snow that I have ever hiked in. The snow and ice were amazingly beautiful and this was probably the most beautiful awe inspiring hike that I have ever been on.

I joined in with the Upper Cumberland chapter and they were very nice hosts. I've hiked with this chapter before and always enjoy their company. I actually broke one of my personal rules and took PEOPLE PICTURES this time.

The state park is located in Jamestown, Tn not far from the Big South Fork. We hike several trails that interconnected with each other. The Natural Bridge Trail, The Hazard Cave Trail and the Lake Trail which features a huge swinging bridge. I just had so much fun, I can''t wait to go back there!

L-R: Lora McBride, Joan Hartvigsen, Louise Miniard, Gary Kimbrell,Cindy Johnson, Richard Savage and Sheryl

Behind the ice

Walking across the bridge...Look at the sides

The Natural Bridge enhanced

Pokey Pete going down the "stairs"

Hazard Cave

Wall of ice. The water fall just froze. Look at Trail sign

Gary Kimbrell and Steve Watson pressing their luck

The Swinging Bridge

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