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Monday, January 3, 2011

TTA Yard Sale News 1-3-11


OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW - Reminder that as you put away your Christmas gifts and clean out your closets, drawers, and hidey-holes it is time to start boxing up items for our May 14th yard sale. You may bring them with you to the January meeting to be placed in the TTA storage unit near the park. Please let us know in advance so Tony, Millette, or I can go with you to the storage unit just before or after the meeting.
Also, if there is anyone with a little time to spare who would pick up FreeCycle items for the sale let me know. FreeCycle is a totally free email group service with the purpose of keeping good used items out of land fills. People offer items free for the pick-up in the local county. I'll be glad to go into more detail with anyone interested in helping us accumulate merchandise in this way. It should be fun and take only minutes a day to read the offers, then only as much time as you wish to give to pick up items near you. Many of the items offered are small enough to fit in a compact car although some furniture and appliances might need a larger vehicle. 
 Thanks! Anna Bertram, Yard Sale Coordinator or 765-5357

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