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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trail Work: Mike Harvey at Barfield Park

 This is an e-mail forwarded to me from Mike Harvey. It was from Mike to Jim Schroeder concerning his efforts at trail maintenance at Barfield Park.

Jim, I needed to get out and do something today so I spent about 2.5 hrs on the Barfield Trail today. Finally got up to the knob.
There is a tree down (abt 8") where I was going to cut out roots. There is a path around it, but it needs to be removed and some renovation work done there.
I tried to do some drainage cutting with the fire rake - did not take mattock.
A reroute may be in order in a couple of places - on the knob and before there at the place we looked at. I retied the tape where the trail used to go straight up the hill and put some downed timber there on the low side. Seems people have been going that way.
The trail has gotten a lot of use and is packed down so much that the water cannot run off. I ran out of energy and left with a promise to be back.
There were several runners out. I talked with one hiker and invited him to TTA. He is from Vermont and said he would be interested in helping with work on the trail. He was the only one that said "thank you" for the trail maintenance work. We will see if he shows up later. Very nice guy.

 We really need to have another trail work day or 2.

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