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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Edgar Evins State Park CELEBRATION of SPRING Official Report

Flat Broke Bluegrass Band
From Anna Bertram:
Report on the Celebration of Spring, April 9th at Edgar Evins State Park, on Center Hill Lake, Silver Point
This was the third year of the Celebration of Spring, a day of free fun activities for families and individuals. The first year we had about 100, the 2nd year about 200, but this year the official count really was 300! I guess we can expect 400 next year on the 2nd Saturday of April. Fount and Anna wish to extend heartfelt thanks to all the TTA members who helped and participated. These included hike leaders Sara Pollard, Nabil Wakid and Tony Jones, workers Kathi Reagh, Cindy Leach, and Mary Cole, hikers Martin McCullough and King Jamison. Tony reports that he led a group of teenage girls on the Millennium Trail that had never hiked before. (Hard job but someone has to do it!) I hope Nabil and others took pictures of the family friendly hike on the Millennium Trail they will share with us. Unfortunately our pictures do not include the TTA hike/hikers,and the Murfreesboro TTA display next to the registration tables. Several other activities (including the pontoon boat rides, crafts workshops, and Ssssnake Show, nature identification hikes) also were not photographed. We hope for a couple of full time amateur photographer to volunteer for next year. Anyway, here are several pictures to give a glimpse at some of the activities of the day. 
Sack Races For The Kids
Amelia Mason & Katy Hare, Blackbird
Brady Evans working for his Eagle Scout Rank
Cornelia Overton (Great Granddaughter of Edgar Evins) painting faces     
Fount Bertram and Ranger Ramble
Fount Bertram and Mother Nature doing the Bunny Hop
Awards ceremony for Coloring Contest
TTA Member Mary Cole with Ranger Ramble
Maypole Dancers
Patricia Jackson, from Nashville is a Minnie Pearl Impersonator
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