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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Hey Gang,

The yard sale finally happened and we did very well despite the inferno that was June 11th. I think the temps were hovering somewhere around 98-100 degrees, but we survived and had a good time. These sales are always difficult to put together and execute, but the end result is worth it. Our chapter raised just a tad north of $600.00 with just a little hard work and dedication.

Thanks to Anna Bertram for putting this show together and all who donated tables, hangers or good junk for the sale. It was all very much appreciated.

A special Thank You to those that worked the entire sale from 6AM until about 4PM: Anna Bertram, Cathy Bingham, Ann Jacobs, Lindsey Smith, Tony Jones  and to all those who came out and helped when they could: Sara Pollard, Hazel Smith, Winston Bowling, Billie Jo Bowling, Valerie Galan, Valerie Drake, Maryedith McFarlin, Nabil Wakid, Mary Lee Morton, Mary Belle Ginanni, Rad Smith, Bob Goodwin, Sandra Parker and Jame Bertram.

And special thanks to Dr. Wayne Potter for allowing us the use of his parking lot and his restroom for our sale!

Just some pics of the day (Thanks Bob Goodwin)
Maryedith enjoying a book "Sex and the Seasoned Woman" I wonder who donated THAT one?

Billie Jo and Winston Bowling

Maryedith McFarlin and Bob Goodwin

Working the sale

Tony Jones and Mary Lee Morton

Cathy Bingham negotiating a big sale

Mary Belle Ginanni and Sandra Parker

Billie Jo Bowling

Nabil Wakid and Cathy Bingham

Valerie Galan

Mary Belle, Anna Bertram, Sandra and Dr. Potter

Rad Smith and Nabil

Billie Jo and Hazel Smith

Sandra and Bob

Sandra and Maryedith

Valerie, Tony and Sandra

Working the sale

Sara Pollard, Maryedith and Ann Jacobs

1 comment:

Anna Bertram said...

Add another $48 to the total for "found" money that I forgot to add to the sale funds. We made about $650 !!! Not bad for a hot, hot day, or any day for that matter.