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Friday, July 8, 2011

News and Notes

Craig McBride is your new BLOGMASTER. This will be my last post as your blogmaster and would like to give some news/notes and tidbits before Craig takes over.

The next update will come from Craig. Please be patient as there may be a brief hiatus in posts until Craig figures out how he wants to proceed. Please send all blog information that you wish to have posted to Craig at and Craig will post your articles.

THANK YOU Craig for stepping up for your chapter and volunteering for this position. I know everyone will appreciate it because the blog is so popular!


              --Registration is going very well so far. The month of June and currently for July we have 32 paid registrations.
             --We currently need VOLUNTEERS to step up and help with several things that are happening now such as Auction Items (both donating & cataloging). We also need to begin to think about our signage and who will be responsible for creating/printing/hanging etc...
            --REMEMBER there are no SINGLE rooms left in Bishop's Hall, but you can pay for a single and get a double room. There are still singles left in Claiborne Hall.

MURFREESBORO CHAPTER: We will be needing officers for our chapter next year. If you are interested please let me know.

STATEWIDE OFFICER POSITIONS: The TTA Statewide positions are also available. The TTA is looking for a Vice-President, Treasurer and Webmaster for the coming year. If you are interested in a statewide position please contact Don Dresser at

Remember we have a meeting this Tuesday July 12 with Sir Bob Goodwin presenting his trip to and through New Mexico. Come join us!


Anna Bertram said...

Tony, I really appreciate the blog you have done for all of us all year. Thank you for a great job.

AWJ Photography © said...

Thank You Anna,

I have enjoyed doing it. Just my time is getting harder to come by. I'm sure Craig will do a great job. And I'll help him when he asks for it.