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Saturday, October 15, 2011

multi-chapter effort that will be the feature article in the November TTA Newsletter.

The Plateau Chapter is planning what we believe will encourage multi-chapter hikes to promote the Cumberland Trail and earn the 50-Miler Hiking Award. This will be accomplished through a series of planned hikes in the next 6 to 8 months on the Cumberland Trail. With commitments from the Cove Lake, East Tennessee, Plateau, Soddy Daisy, and the Upper Cumberland Chapters, we will schedule 50 or more miles of hikes on the Cumberland Trail.

In the Plateau Chapter area, Black Mountain, Brady Mountain and the Piney River sections will be hiked. In the Soddy Daisy Chapter area, the sections through the Rock, Possum, and Soddy Gorges and the Tennessee River Gorge are to be planned and hiked. Also, hikes around Cove Lake, Norma Road, New River and Frozen Head are part of the plan.

The Plateau Chapter has scheduled 2 hikes during November. The first hike is scheduled for November 5th to Laurel Falls and Bryant Overlook with Howard Owens of the Plateau Chapter leading. The second hike is scheduled for November 19th from Signal Point to Hwy 27 with Don Taylor of the Plateau Chapter leading. Additional hikes will be scheduled over the next several months with the goal of hiking all open sections.

All TTA members are invited and encouraged to join in this multi-chapter opportunity to meet other hikers, promote the Cumberland Trail, earn a 50-Miler Hiking Award/Patch, and have many good memories. The application forms for the award are available on the CTC website. We will recognize those receiving the 50-Miler Award with a ceremony and group picture.

As more hikers earn the 50-Miler Award, we anticipate the need to develop awards for hiking 100, 200, and yes, the entire Cumberland Trail. Your input is solicited about how to recognize the mileage milestones as we hike the Cumberland Trail. If you have an idea, opinion or thought about these achievements, please forward those to Levonn Hubbard, TTA East Tennessee Regional Representative and member of the Board of Directors of the Cumberland Trail Conference.

This is an exciting and enthusiastic endeavor and the potential good this multi-chapter undertaking will provide for all participants, the Cumberland Trail and hiking in Tennessee will be awesome!

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