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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Report on Muddy Pond and Pumpkin Festival

Adventure Trip to Muddy Pond Mennonite Community: Twelve from the Murfreesboro and the Plateau TTA Chapters enjoyed a half day excursion to the various shops and a "scratch" lunch at the Front Porch. The Mennonite people were gracious and accommodating although they were busy preparing for the next day which would be their largest public day of the season. We missed the sorghum making this time but plan to return as a group or as individuals next fall.

Pumpkin Festival at Allardt and Weekend at Pickett State Park: Some of the Muddy Pond attendees continued on to the Cumberland Plateau for the weekend events. We were joined by folks from other TTA Chapters for our annual walk in the Pumpkin Festival Parade on Saturday. Since Anne Wesley from the Goodlettsville Chapter was in charge Fount and I did not count heads. We hiked the Colditz Cove/Northrup Falls Trail right after the parade. There were Sunday hikes too but Fount and I had a meeting to attend and a visit to his sister at Allardt so we don't know how those hikes went. The Cumberland Plateau had frost Saturday night and, as usual, is simply beautiful! If you weren't there you missed a good time.


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