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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hidden Lake- Tony

Here it is: THE LAST HIKE of 2011! It has been a very good year hike wise and throw in the kayaks and social gatherings and it turns into an EXCELLENT year!

This was my first hike with the Sumner Trails chapter of the Tennessee Trails Association. Although I showed up a little late, I caught up with them and was able to enjoy the full hike. This place is very nice and very secluded. I had never been to this particular spot before although just up the road is the Narrows of the Harpeth where I love to kayak. There is lots of history here at Hidden Lake. It seems there was a resort of somekind during the prohibition era that sat atop the quarry filled "hidden" lake and presumably even old Al Capone even frequented the "non-alcoholic" resort.
This resort would make a great research project to see how much is accurate and how much is just old wives tales. There WAS something here at one time, but what could really be anybody's guess.


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