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Monday, December 5, 2011

Opryland Hotel by Tony

It ain't what it USED to be, but it is still very pretty. The lights of the season at Opryland. I enjoyed a very nice walk around the complex with Sheryl on Thursday night and the lights and decorations seem more streamlined than in the past. I did not see the lights last year and I assume that most of the original animatronic style displays were probably ruined in the big flood of 2010.

The hotel was full of beautiful poinsettia displays of every color and had some cute little "hot air" balloons that floated around the Delta area. There seemed to be a huge and I think very unnecessary emphasis on Shrek, Madagascar and other DreamWorks creations. It seems now even something as simple as the beauty of the lights of Christmas has to be SOLD to the highest bidder.

Yes, they were nice and yes, it was worth the time and effort. But I probably will not go see the lights again. Too much reliance on Hollywood and commercialism and a lot less reliance on what made the event special to begin with......LIGHTS and DECORATIONS.


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