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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

David Crockett State Park-Tony

Today I was (supposedly) working in Lawrenceburg and then had to go to Pulaski so I decided to stop off at David Crockett State Park for a short walk along the Shoal Creek Trail.

The trail and state park was very pretty with abundant wildlife and beautiful water culminating in Crockett Falls, which I will argue is more of a cascade than a waterfall but I don't write the signs.

Despite the beauty and rustic nature of the park I found the trails very difficult to navigate. They were poorly marked and there were several "blue" side trails that ventured off the main trail with no signs or descriptions as to how far they went or what the destination was.

Overall, I loved the scenery but not the park. I think a little more attention to the trails should be a necessity in the future. Once at the "end" of the trail at the falls there was NO directional signage as to which way was which and a road that went off in three different directions, so I just went back the way I came which was a disappointment. For the beauty and scenic value the park gets an "A"----but for maintenance and signage and mapping a "D"

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