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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cumberland Trail – Soddy Section-Jim

Cumberland Trail – Soddy Section

A special welcome to Diana and Mike Ketchen as they participated in their inaugural TTA hike as members of the Murfreesboro Chapter. In the company of Jim Schroeder and Martin McCullough the trek was made to Soddy Daisy to engage in a shuttle hike on the Cumberland Trail between the Mowbray Road Trailhead and the Hotwater Road Trailhead. Beginning the hike at the Mowbray Road site and barely finding room to park in the overcrowded parking area, the foursome met up with Soddy area hikers, Don Deakens and Bob DeHart. After a round of picture taking, the sextet moved northward along the Cumberland Trail, stopping at various locations to absorb the local history, including the Indian rock house, the mining ridge walk, and the Little Soddy mining site. A light trail lunch was enjoyed about midpoint on the hike before descending into the Little Soddy Stream Valley, and crossing 3 bridge structures along the way before reaching the end trailhead. Traversing the new section of the Little Soddy day loop, the sites of the old mule barn and the mule tender, Mr. Jeffrey’s, homestead site were noted, and then a rock hop across Little Soddy creek was made without mishap. All enjoyed the 5 mile hike on the warm Saturday under overcast skies, and now Diana and Mike are officially CT hikers.

For other hike pictures refer to and under the Soddy Gorge section, click on “slide show of Don’ photos” and “slide show of Bob’s photos.”

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