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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hidden Passage Trail-Jim

Nabil Wakid, Faith Bennett, Martin McCullough, Jim Schroeder, and Roy Duncan (a native of the area), gathered for the auto journey to Pickett State Park and the trek along the unique features of the Hidden Passage Trail. Arriving at the trailhead we were met by Ron’s brother, Howard, who still resides in the area. Ron had contemplated joining us but because of a medical issue opted to provide us with breakfast sandwiches as an alternative token of hiker fellowship.

We were fortunate to have Roy with us on the trek as he provided much information on the area, having hiked this trail and others in the vicinity many times. Traversing the many rockhouse/caves along the path is always a distinctive experience and lunching at the Thompson Creek Gorge Overlook is a most delightful pleasure.

A special thanks to Martin for providing the chauffeur service for the Journey.

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