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Saturday, June 2, 2012

National Trails Day Event- Jim

Martin McCullough and Jim Schroeder were guests at the Cumberland Trail State Park National Trails Day Celebration on Saturday, honoring old time Cumberland Trail Building Volunteers. 

The event was held at Cove Lake State Park near Caryville, TN at the foot of Cross Mountain.  It was well worth the near 400 mile round trip to enjoy the camaraderie of compatriots dedicated to the completion of this scenic trail across Tennessee, many of whom are no longer participants. 

We were honored with the presence of Sam Powell, one of the original founders of the trail, and a most noted trail enthusiast of Signal Mountain, as well as many other noted early contributors. In addition, there were many pictures and other mementos of early trail building endeavors available for review, some of which brought back fond memories and a not a few chuckles.

 A picnic lunch was enjoyed by all as were the verbal tales of the various attendees. Early morning and late afternoon hikes were available, but because of travel needs, were by-passed by the two aforementioned chapter participants. Old time chapter members, Mark Stanfill and Tony Hook, along with his wife Ann, were in attendance as major present day players in the completion of the trail. It was a great recognition event of all the tremendous volunteer efforts by so many dedicated individuals.

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