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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TTA Annual Meeting - Sara

The TTA Annual Meeting at the Brandon Springs Group Lodge at Land Between the Lakes was a great success!  The Clarksville chapter hosted the event this year and J. R. Tate and his members did a great job.   The Wells Family provided entertainment Friday night and they were an awesome band.  The weather was perfect Saturday and Sunday for hikes.  The highlight of the auction Saturday evening was Ron Dunn proposing to his sweetheart El Omo.  She is delightful and we all look forward to hiking with her.

Our chapter members attending:
Faith Bennett
Anna Bertram
Fount Bertram
Cathy Bingham
Ron Dunn
Valerie Galan
Ann Jacobs
Millette Jones

There may be some pictures on the TTA facebook.


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Anna Bertram said...

Sara Pollard was there too.