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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beaman Park Hike - Nabil

Beaman Park Hike. Saturday hikers were Sara Pollard, Tony Jones, Jenny Jacobs, Radford and James Smith, Nabil Wakid, Mary Belle Ginanni and new members, Joe and Bertie Andrews. On our way to the Park threatening clouds began to unload. We drove bravely on, thinking that if the downpour persisted, we would just eat lunch and drive back home. However by the time we reached the Park the rain had stopped and we were met there by Valerie Galan and Diane Manas. Nabil led us out along the Sedge-Hill Trail toward the Visitor/Nature Center. (Diane was one that helped build that trail.) After a short stop we took a small loop near the Center and then joined the Henry Hollow Loop which led us back to the cars. We did encounter a brief shower on our hike, but we were prepared and no one got terribly wet.


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