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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fall Creek Falls - Jenny

The Murfreesboro Chapter of TTA hiked Fall Creek Falls Saturday January 5 with ten hikers present. We began the hike with the gorgeous view of Cane Creek Falls at the Betty Dunn Nature Center. The temperature was 21 degrees and the sun was sparkling clear without a cloud in the sky.

In many ways, the Cane Creek Falls overlook surpasses the more well known Fall Creek Falls overlook with its vigorous and more plentiful water and huge pool crested around with lovely gray cliffs. The hikers then crossed the swinging rope bridge over Cane Creek ascending the ridge to take the woodland route through the oak and mountain laurel rich forest.

We crossed the Fall Creek dappled in sunlight and bejeweled by icicles. Next we crossed the a smaller creek which descends slightly to the right of the famous Fall Creek Falls. We saw the beautiful Fall Creek Falls view and then made our way carefully down to the bottom of the falls. The icicles were melting but made a beautiful scene as we witnessed the splashing glory at the bottom of the falls.

We then made our way back to the nature center and then found our way to the head of the Paw Paw trail. The is four mile loop has three separate overlook off shoots that were one more beautiful then the other. The first is a spectacular view of Cane Creek falls at a distance and the gorge. The second is a huge vista of the gulf overlooking the Cane Creek as it makes its way to join the Fall Creek. Here our little band of hikers had a delicious little lunch on the gray outcropping of rocks crowned by evergreen in every direction.The third overlook showcased the top portion of Fall Creek Falls to the left and a breathtaking view of the open ridge with orange and gray cliffs off to the right. The number of fallen evergreen trunks were covered in beautiful green mosses and lichen making lovely contrast to to the wispy gray forest. It was a cold day, but a gold day. Thanks to all who came to share the beauty.


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