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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow and Ice Hike - Fount

The “Snow and Ice Hike” turned out to be just that! It never got above freezing the whole time we were on the Plateau...and did snow! There was a noted lack of participation and Fount and Nabil were the only stalwarts that showed up. We didn’t let that effect our enthusiasm for a wonderful hike on a beautiful day. We didn’t have the magnificent icicles we normally see along White Oak Creek and Clear Fork River, but it was outstanding anyhow. We met 4 hog hunters from Indiana on the trail...One of them had an AR 15 assault rifle. I suppose he wanted to make sausage right then and there. We saw some hog sign but it was 3-4 days old. We also saw some bear sign along the trail as well. It started snowing when we came back to the Harrow Road Café for lunch and snowed off and on until we were off the Plateau on the way home. It varied from light snow showers to blizzard conditions. It was even snowing with the sun shining at one point. We did the entire loop by the Gentlemen’s Swimming Hole and the Meeting of the Waters.
After lunch we came back to Allardt and did the Colditz Cove/Northrup Falls hike. There was a lot of water coming over the falls and the lovely hemlocks aren’t showing any sign of the Wooley Aldegid moth. There are some very old growth hemlocks in the Long Creek Gorge and it would be a shame to see those 100’s of years old trees be destroyed.
We agreed that the hike was well worth the long drive and early departure...

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