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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Piney River Backpack - Sara

We had an awesome TTA backpacking trip this weekend on the Piney River segment of the Cumberland Trail. We started our dayhike without packs to Stinging Fork Falls and the Indian Head overlook.  After lunch we started our backpacking trip from the Newby Branch trailhead.  Craig McBride joined us for the dayhike to Stinging Fork Falls and as far as White Pine Cacades on the Piney River.  Craig had to work the next day and couldn't spend the night.  Backpackers were Jenny Jacobs, Faith Bennett, Lora McBride.  From the Memphis area were Deena Spuryea, Lea Woods, Jeff Waldrip, Ricky Depriest.   We camped at the Rock Branch campsite and enjoyed sitting around a roaring fire and exchanging camp stories. 


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