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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Caney Fork and Scott's Gulf - Jenny

Caney Fork and Scott's Gulf are beautiful and challenging...we did the Yellow Bluff Loop which incorporates three or four trails...some of which we had to play hide and seek to find for some time....10 plus miles...lots of wildflowers, newts, gigantic slugs, millipedes and the best part of all....TRAILBLAZING! Gonna do this one again for an overnight backpacking deal in fall....
Hikers included Desmond Bradley, Nabil Wakkid, Roy Duncan, Faith Joy Bennett and Bruce Lee the trail hound....

We started at Yellow Bluff Trailhead....(tried to follow Johnny Molloy's Yellow Bluff Loop in his book Cumberland Plateau Hikes).....there are definitely some sign/marker issues at several spots.....they didn't jive with what Molloy encountered ....Yellow Bluff up to Polly Branch...Polly Branch up and over and down to Caney Fork South....all the way down to the Connector(which was like finding the Golden Egg) up the hill past the Joe Holloway Rockhouse(thoroughly grown up here) and up on top to Scott's Gulf Road and home.....the trails over Gunstockbranch Falls was impassible and grown up on the south side....the round metal signs were squirrel chewed at spots...the dayglo orange tape sometimes helped,,,,look forward to doing it again and would love to do an overnight backpacking... it took us 8 hours and 10 plus miles...Molloy's said 8.1 miles and 4 plus


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