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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Long Hunter Day Loop - Roy

We had eleven hikers on this  trip: From the Murfreesboro Chapter: Roy Duncan, King Jamison, Nabil Wakid, Mary Belle Ginanni, Faith Bennett, Sara Pollard, Valerie Galan. And from the Nashville Chapter : Robbie Benson, Cindy Leech, Joyce Chapman and Hilda Vaughn..

This was a very nice hike of about four miles. We had a few muddy spots but most of the trail was in good shape. The weather was great, about 55 and cloudy with no wind. We had nice views of the lake due to the lack of foliage and saw a herd of deer ( I counted 9 ) running through the open woods. This is one of my favorite short trails close to home and for those that had never done it before they said they would like to hike it again. It was a little early for wild flowers due to the cold winter we have had but trust me in the next few weeks there will be plenty out there and this is a great trail to find them. I hope everyone enjoyed the hike as much as I did. Until next time , Happy Trails.........


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