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Friday, April 18, 2014

Cumberland Trail Roaring Creek Segment - Don @ Larry

Jane Ellett, Larry Hill, Carol Deakins, and Don Deakins accompanied Sara Pollard along with others from her Murfreesboro TTA Chapter and a couple of hikers from Highland Rim TTA Chapter on an 11 mile Graysville Mountain hike. We began at Roaring Creek trailhead, hiked 5.5 miles to the temporary end of trail, then returned to Roaring Creek. Along the way we noticed many deer tracks on the newly constructed trail so it is getting some use. I'm hoping the state will factor in deer traffic when they plan the next budget for trail construction.

Aristotle described Perfection as that which is so good that nothing of the kind could be better! That's the way I viewed our hike today. Perfect Weather, Perfect Hiking Companions & a Perfect Segment of the CT with a portion of it created during the March CTC Spring Break Away! Kudos to Sarah Beene Pollard for coordinating today's hike at Roaring Creek and extending an invitation to join her and her other fellow hikers from the Murfreesboro chapter, the Highland Rim chapter as well as members of the CT Volunteers (Don, Carol & Jane). It's amazing how you meet the nicest people on the trails (Oh and Hazel our TTA Mascot from Tullahoma - she was a sweetheart)! Several of us were also commenting today on how well Tony & crew had laid the rocks as you ascend the mountain during a past Break Away to where it almost felt like a paved highway, these rocks don't budge. I won't say the 11 miles were effortless but they did click by fairly easily in about a 6 hour span even taking in consideration of a lunch and several water breaks. Thanks again Sara, it was great hiking with ya'll today!


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