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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Burgess Falls SNA - Mary

Eight eager hikers (Faith Bennett, Darlene Bowman, Ann Ford, Mary Belle Ginanni, Mary Lee Morton, Sara Pollard, Cindy Schroeder and Nabil Wakid) left the Food Lion parking lot on Lascassas Pike at8:45 a.m on the way to meet four more (Anna and Fount Bertram, Valerie Galan, and Hilda Vaughan) hikers in the parking lot of Burgess Falls State Natural Area.  The weather was co-operative, a bit humid, but nice otherwise.  We hiked, as we were able, to all or part of the trek to the base of the falls where a nice mist had a cooling effect.  One mishap - Chapter Officer, Sara Pollard rested her pole against one of the overlooks and watched as it tumbled down a ravine where it was irretrievable.  MB Ginanni had lost 2 poles in this manner several years ago.  So beware!  On the return trip, some took the rim trail, about .5 of a mile and some walked the road back to the parking lot.  We then formed a caravan to the Center Hill Restaurant overlooking Sligo Boat Dock for a late lunch of catfish, etc.  This is a short hike but absolutely beautiful as you walk along the Falling Water River and view 4 waterfalls ranging in height from 20' to 136'.
Mary Belle Ginanni


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