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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cedars of Lebanon - Roy

Hidden springs trail at Cedars of Lebanon State Park  
The weather could not have been better for this hike, mid to upper 60's all day.
We had a total of 7 hikers on this five mile walk: Nabil Wakid,King Jamison,MaryBelle Ginanni,Janet Przirembel from Montery and Jamie Bouldin from Lebanon.

We saw a lot of late summer wild flowers and at least twelve different kinds of mushrooms along this trail. 

I had planned a side trip to Sellars farm Indian mounds but due to some time restraints we decided to save that for another day. After the hike we enjoyed lunch at one of the picnic tables and headed home.

This is a very nice trail and while it doesn't have any sweeping vistas or thundering waterfalls,when you slow down and take time to look around you will be amazed with what you discover.I had a camera malfunction so I didn't get but a couple of pictures.

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