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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Stones River East Fork - Jim

Jim Schroeder led TTA hikers Sara Pollard, Valerie Galen, Nabil Wakid, Cindy Schroeder, and Roy Duncan on a hike around the perimeter of the Coleman Farm on the East Fork of the Stones River for a total out and back distance of 5+miles.  It was a beautiful fall day with frequent views of the river now that most of the leaves have fallen, and the fallen leaves many times providing a rustling sound in the stillness of the woods as the hikers moved onward. An ulterior motive of Jim on the hike was to get a better view of the sink into which the Coleman Creek disappears on its way to the river, coming ever closer to  the existing trail path. This sink may provide an engineering challenge for the designers of the  proposed Walter Hill Greenway on these lands. On the return trek, we took a steep path down the bank to a gravel bar on the water’s edge, which exposed shells of many kinds (including a portion of a prehistoric plant fossil), provided a good spot for a snack, and allowed for a great view of the rock cliffs on the opposite edge of the river.  They is no more fitting way on a day like this was, than to enjoy the outdoors in the company of fellow hikers. 

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