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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Walls of Jericho Backpack - Sara

September 19-20 Walls of Jericho Backpacking Hike Report

We left Murfreesboro at 10 o'clock Saturday to meet Cynthia Meinerding and her dog Spike of the Highland Rim chapter at the Walls of Jericho Tennessee side trailhead.  We set up a shuttle to hike out Sunday morning to the Alabama trailhead.  

We took our time hiking in and enjoyed lunch along the way before getting to the campsite.  Poor Spike fell off the first and narrow bridge, but thankfully there was water in the creek.  Upon arriving at the campsite near Clark Cemetery there was a Boy Scout troop setting up tents and gathering firewood.  Also at the campsite was a dad and his 4 year old son.  The troop was from Hendersonville and invited us to share their campfire later.  After setting up our tents we hiked to the “walls” and enjoyed cooling off in the water.  We enjoyed sharing tales around the campfire with the Scouts and their leaders and it was quite entertaining. 

Our hike out Sunday morning was steep and hot, creeks were dry, but  there were nice wildflowers on the trail.  Backpackers were Sara Pollard, Jean Breuer of Franklin, Chris and Charles King, Cynthia Meinerding and Spike the dog. 


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cynthia said...

Had a great hike and Spike is still a little sore from the fall, but I'm sure with continued exercise, he will get through it. Enjoyed everyone's company! Cynthia