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Sunday, October 30, 2016

2016 TTA Annual Meeting - Sara

The TTA Annual Meeting October 28-30 hosted by the Jackson and Memphis chapters was a huge success! It was great seeing hikers from across the state. 

Participants from our chapter were James & Mona Herring, Larry & Edie McFarlin, Craig Perkins,  Jan Safavi, Hilda Vaughan, and Jennifer Zahn.

I hiked Friday afternoon about 4 miles in the Shiloh National Park. We saw the Shiloh landmarks of Bloody Pond, Hornet's Nest and Indian Mounds. Also views of the Tennessee River. 

Saturday I joined the group hike at Big Hill Pond State Park. I had never been to this park and it's beautiful! The hike was 8 miles around McNatt Lake and we had an almost mile long walk across a boardwalk in Dismal Swamp. We had lunch below the fire tower and some folks climbed the tower for a panoramic view. 

I attended the board Sunday morning and was unable to attend a hike, but I know some of our members did the Lake Finger Bluff hike north of Mousetail Landing State Park.


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