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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Daddy's Creek - Jan

Daddy’s Creek Hike March 18th-new section of the Cumberland Trail near Crab Orchard, TN.  

We had a beautiful day to hike and this new trail was really a perfect pick for a day in woods.  Lots of water in the feeder streams made a lovely sound as we walked from the southern access point off of Hebbertsburg Road through to the East Keyes Road access.  This was 7.5 miles and a perfect way to spend a spring day.  The overlook at Daddy’s Creek provided a nice view since the foliage is yet to emerge, but spring wildflowers were starting to sneak up through the leaf cover.  We lunched at the overlook and also took a well deserved rest at the back woods campsite right on the creek.  We saw one sleepy black snake crossing the trail-no doubt as happy as we were for the warmer weather.  

Six hikers were along for the day-Jan Safavi, Doug King, Jennifer Zahn, Lillian Ey, Carolyn Reeves and Marnell C.  Hope to do this trail again soon.

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