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Monday, February 27, 2012

Cumberland Gap- Tony

I've been waiting a good long while to go to Cumberland Gap but there has always been something in the way. The first cancellation came when I was sick with a bronchial infection and the next week my hiking partner had a sick cat and had to cancel and Friday, it was ALMOST the weather that kept us from going. We decided to go ahead and go and it is a four hour journey from Murfreesboro to Cumberland Gap and four hours back and we spent four hours there exploring.

The park was very nice and the hiking possibilities are seventy miles of various difficulties and lengths. The Historic Cumberland Gap is interesting in itself, but I think I had my imagination thinking it was bigger or more spectacular than it was in actuality----but it was great nonetheless.

We started at the visitors center in Middlesborough, Kentucky and walked through a total of three states during our outing. We also visited the Wilderness Road State park in Ewing, Virginia and The (small) town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee.

Lots of picture opportunities from the magnificent vistas that were visible from high atop Cumberland Mountain.


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