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Monday, February 27, 2012

Monte Sano State Park

We had a very nice sunny and windy day for our hike in Huntsville, AL on
February 25, 2012. There were 19 hikers, including some from Columbia
/Franklin, Murfreesboro and Highland Rim Chapters, and a few locals from
Huntsville. We did a series of trails in Monte Sano State Park, to include:
the Sinks, Logan Point, Panther Knob, Stone Cuts, and Mountain Mist trails.
Our hardy hikers climbed rocks, squeezed through rocks, and navigated
numerous narrow rock cuts and tunnels. This was followed by viewing and
going down into a large sink hole. A few wildflowers were popping up here
and there along the way. Later we went to a local restaurant that was so
good that is was super crowded so we ended up at another place that filled
the bill about a block away.

There was interest in a paper I wrote on Hiking in the Huntsville Area

Please pass on to those not in the E-mail address list above.

Thanks to all for a great time!

Bob Goodwin


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