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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sewanee Perimeter Hike - Jim

Lake Cheston, Morgan’s Steep, Proctor Hall, Memorial Cross Sewanee Perimeter Hike Report
Submitted by Jim Schroeder

On Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012, seven hikers from towns across the Mid-state including Kelso, Winchester, Estill Springs, Altamont, Tullahoma, and Murfreesboro, first gathered at the Blue Chair on the University of the South Campus for a breakfast fare before embarking on a perimeter trail hike from Lake Cheston back down to the breakfast spot. The trekkers were Erik Ludvigsen, Patricia Stewart, Joan Hartvigsen, Sandy Hartstar and her delightful 10 year old granddaughter, Anna Watkins, and Jim Schroeder with the group being led by Cathleen Close of the Highland Rim Chapter, and with Carol Sampson of Sewanee joining us along the way.   Starting at the Cheston Lake Trail, we soon were treated to the headwaters of Wiggins Creek crashing over a small cataract and plunging down its gorge to merge with Boiling Fork and eventually emptying into Tim Fords Lake. The weather was perfect for hiking and sun lit overlooks provided glimpses of fall color and spectacular views along the way. The small streams were rushing over cascades or just gurgling over their stony floors. The rock formations were awesome and intriguing, and the scramble up the wall at Proctor Hall was challenging, especially to the writer whose knees didn’t want to bend to make some of the toe holds. Thanks to the hike leader’s able assistance, all made the scramble without mishap. The snack pause at the Memorial Cross provided some moments of reflection as well as just plain camaraderie amongst the hikers. Of course no Sewanee hike would be complete without the third component of the “eat, hike, and eat” sequence and the approximate 3-mile trek ended with lunch at Julia’s.  Special thanks to Cathleen Close for planning and leading this most pleasant and exciting hike and which the writer highly recommends it to all who have never experienced this section of the Sewanee Perimeter Trail.


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