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Tuesday, January 1, 2013


There were 27 on the hike, plus 5 more who came just to join us for the meal and fellowship. The rain had pretty much passed over by the time we started the hike. We just had some rain dripping off the trees. We did have a fine drizzle toward the last quarter of the hike on the Millennium Trail but the temperature was good so it wasn't bad.... It made the fireplace a popular spot when we returned to the shelter houses for hot chocolate and the traditional New Years Day lunch. We had just about every food that is traditional to insure good luck and good fortune in the New Year -- black eyed peas, cabbage, collard greens, "copper pennies" carrots, corn bread, etc. plus many other favorites. After a good visit and hearty meal a few stalwart souls went on to hike the Highland Rim Nature Trail despite the steadily dropping temperatures during the afternoon. Having Ranger Mark Taylor leading the Millennium Trail hike  was especially nice as he filled us in on the flora and history. The very attractive long sleeved T-Shirts from the Tennessee State Parks 
helped make the day even better. This was the 4th year the Tennessee Trails Association and the Friends of Edgar Evins have combined the traditional New Years Day Hike and we had several participants from both. TTA has hiked the 1st day of the year at different locations for at least 15 years. It’s interesting to note that we have never had a hike cancellation in all those years. The 100% chance of rain predicted for this one discouraged some, but those that showed up had a great hike, a fantastic traditional meal and wonderful fellowship.

Hikers from our chapter were Anna & Fount Bertram, Faith Bennett and Hilda Vaughan.

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Anna Bertram said...

Sara Pollard was there too! She was a big help offering to lead a carpool caravan from Murfreesboro.