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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Edgar Evans State Park - Roy

Edgar Evans State Park   Millenium Trail 8 miles.

We had 8 hikers on this trip and the weather was perfect, low 50's in the morning and warming into the low 70's by the afternoon, clear blue sky's and a slight breeze all day. This was a somewhat challenging hike with some steep climbs and descents but we all did just fine. It took us about 6 hours to do the 8 miles but we did take several short breaks and took almost an hour for lunch on the shore or Center Hill Lake. (Jenny even went for a swim)

There lots of big trees and the largest grape vine we had ever seen. We also found some fruit of the Paw Paw tree. Saw some really cool fossils and several late summer wild flowers. The hikers were: Roy Duncan, Howard Duncan, Kim Williams, Katherine Bond, Jenny Jacobs, Joan Hartvigsta, Eleanor Gilchrist, and Valerie Galan. This is a very nice trail and one I will do again in the near future.

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