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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Smoky's camping trip - Sara

There were ten people who attended the Smokies camping/hiking June 26-28.  It sprinkled rain a little on Fridays hike to Andrew's Bald and our climb to the Clingman's Dome observation tower.  Marsha Medford brought a tarp, so we were able to enjoy our potluck dinner out of the rain.  There was steady rain during the night, but we were able to pack up the next morning for our long hike to Rocky Top.  It rained almost the entire time on our Saturday's hike.  We were almost to the summit of Rocky Top, when Jean Breuer discovered a very large rattler snake curled up on a rock beside the trail.  We had planned to eat lunch on Rocky Top, but the wind and rain was blowing so hard we decided to start our descent.  It was too foggy to see anything from Rocky Top, which was disappointing. It rained hard all the way back, but we were still able to dry off and head to the Mexican restaurant in Townsend for dinner.  Jane Ellett commented she had never been so wet on a hike before.  Sunday was a beautiful day as we made our way to Grotto Falls and the summit of Brushy Mountain to enjoy the gorgeous views.  There were still mountain laurel and rhododendron in bloom.

Some stayed back to enjoy relaxing in our group campsite at Elkmont.  Those attending were Sara Pollard, Joan Hartvigsen, Wayne Yancey, Jean Breuer, Marsha Medford, Bill Kammerer, Dick McClure, Kate Croy, Jane Ellett and her cousin Debbie.

We still had a great time though and everyone enjoyed the trip to the Smokies.


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