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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Collins River - Sara

After all the rain the previous weekend, I was concerned about the water level on the Collins River for our float.  But the water quickly subsided the week before and the water was clear and flowing nicely. 

We put in off Highway 56 south on Myers Cove Road and the take out was below the Highway 127 bridge.  After reaching a gravel bar at 3.0 miles we decided to take a break which was a good thing.  I had planned to stop for lunch below the bridge at Highway 8, but the gravel bar was obviously under water.  We either sat in our boats and ate lunch, or were able to pull up to a bank.  

We had a little bit of thunder and a few drops of rain, but it didn’t matter. We still had a nice float and it was a great group of folks – 24 of us.  Those attending were: Gary & Silvia Dryden, Geoff & Patty Hull, David & Karen Zabriskie, Andy & Sherry Meeks, Judy & TC Varner, Don Deakins, Bob DeHart, Keith Weller, Steve Watson, Nora Henn, Sara Pollard, Naullain Kendricks, Wayne Yancey, Chris Heard, Georganne Ross,  Michel Travers, Curt Thomas, Chris & Charles King.


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