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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Short Mountain - Anna


The day was sunny, bright and HOT so we were glad for
the short stroll to the spring and around the compound to the restaurant
rather than an arduous hike. It was somewhat disappointing to find the head
of the spring closed in by a newly constructed spring house, probably
required by government regulations. It effectively kept us from enjoying the
effect of cool air rising from the flowing water in the holler as well as
the natural beauty but it didn't dampen the spirit of our outing.

We walked from there to the restaurant on a slight hill above the distillery. The
restaurant is new, pretty, very clean and the staff is accommodating. The
luncheon menu is somewhat limited but the food was good. Several in the
group are planning a return trip. 

Before we left a member of the staff took our picture on the porch overlooking the working farm that is part of the distillery enterprise. Some of the group left after lunch to take a scenic
driving tour of Short Mountain and some of us made a stop next door at the
Short Mountain Trading Post. It was there that we spotted a sign that made
us laugh, a picture of which is included with this report.


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