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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Camping / Hiking / Rafting / Kayaking Trip - Sara

The August 14-16 joint camping/hiking/rafting/kayaking trip with the Highland Rim chapter in the Hiwassee River and Ocoee River area was a great success. 

I was not able to join the group until Saturday morning.  A potluck dinner was shared Friday evening at the Gee Creek Campground.  Members from Memphis, East Tennessee, Highland Rim, Sumner Trails, and Murfreesboro were represented.  

Saturday morning Naullain Kendrick cooked pancakes for everyone and we had a leisurely breakfast before heading out.  Joan Hartvigsen, Lynn Wilson and I hiked 6.0 miles on the Benton McKaye trail along the Hiwassee River.  The water was low as we started our hike but were able to see paddlers on the river on the way back.  

The others in our group rafted the Ocoee River while we were hiking.  After the hike/rafting we met to hike the short trail to beautiful Benton Falls.  We had beautiful views of Parksville Lake on our drive up the mountain to start our hike.

Later that evening we drove a short distance from our Gee Creek campground to Etowah to enjoy dinner at an Italian restaurant.  We enjoyed a nice fire at the campsite after dinner.  

Sunday morning the group made their way to put in kayaks above the store in Reliance to paddle back to the Gee Creek campground.  

It was a busy weekend, but a lot of fun and an amazing group.  Highland Rim: Joan Hartvigsen., Marietta Poteet, Naullain Kendrick, Dick McClure, Cynthia Meinerding; Sumner Trails: John Thomas; Memphis: Ted Barham; East Tennessee: Garnett Rush; Murfreesboro: Sara Pollard, Lynn Wilson.


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